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Nunc™ 384-Shallow Well Standard Height Polypropylene Storage Microplates
Lower spending when storing compounds for small volume applications by using Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 384-Shallow Well Standard Height Polypropylene Microplates. Polypropylene is ideal for storage plates because it has a lower binding capacity to prevent proteins or DNA binding, and allows for complete sample recovery. Withstands temperatures from −80° to +121°C. Offered in a variety of colors to allow for quick identification of storage plates. Features:
  • Rounded wells are optimized for mixing and sample recovery
  • Square rounded wells minimize wicking (capillary action)
  • Natural plates for storage identification or storing colorimetric assays
  • White plates for luminescent assays
  • Black plates for fluorescent assays
  • Customized bar coding is available
Warranty : 90 days
  • Zertifizierungen/Konformität: Certified RNase and DNase Free. ANSI Compliant.
  • Format: 384 Well
  • Max. RZB: N/A
  • Kennzeichnung: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
  • Plattentyp: Polypropylene Storage & Sample Prep Plate
  • Sterilität: Non-Sterile
  • Total Volume (Metric) Well: 55μL
  • Well-Boden: Round Bottom
  • Working Volume: 35μL
Bezeichnung Wert
nutzbares Volumen: 2 ml
Bodenform: flach
Material: Polypropylen (PP)
Farbe: Weiß
Sterilität: Nein